SunflowerThe 4 "W's" of Detoxification!
1) Why detox?
2) When to detoxify?
3) Where to detoxify?
4) What to use...?

Scientific Explanation
During normal function of the body, metabolic toxins are created. It is a very complex process, but can be simplified by saying that the body will use detoxification organs to clear and rid the body of metabolic toxin.

For example, in order of concentration, the organs used are: kidneys, skin, bowel and lungs. The liver congugates or combines harmful toxins with healthy substance to make it easier to clear the toxin without damage.

Detoxification is NOT...A laxitive, stool softener or "things that clear" your intestinal tract of material. It does empty the tube, but detoxification is much more than that. Detoxification can help you remove natural toxins from your body and help maintain a healthy weight. We are continually exposed to external toxins and pollutants, chemicals and pesticides. Internally our bodies produce waste byproducts. Although our bodies are designed to detox naturally it can become overloaded. Detoxification done by the purification program will offer your body additional support to expel natural toxins and minimize your weight, which is important in maintaining health and vitality.

Purification Basics
This is a 21 day program which consists of eating whole, organic and unprocessed foods: taking whole food supplements and drinking plenty of water. You will eat vegetables and fruit for the first 10 days. On day 11 you will add select proteins.

  • SP Cleanse
    • Vegetarian supplement containing whole foods and botanicals that helps the body's purifying organs-kidneys-liver and intestines eliminate toxins to:
    • Maintain healthy kidney and liver function. -Support a healthy gastrointestinal environment and promote regular elimination. -Support the lymphatic system, a major part of the immune system.
  • SP Complete (whey protein)
  • SP Complete Dairy Free (rice protein)
    • Both offer essential whole food nutrition in a shake that: delivers antioxidant protection to support liver detoxification and immune function, as well as combat free radical damage.
  • Gastro-Fiber
    • Provides dietary fiber from botanicals and other whole food sources with more soluble fiber which slows digestion.
  • Whole Food Fiber
    • with more insoluble fiber that creates a feeling of fullness.
    • Both help: soften the stool and encourage regularity, promote a healthy gut-which provides an environment for beneficial microorganisms, and maintain healthy lipid and blood glucose levels already in normal ranges.
  • SP Green Food
    • Contains organically grown whole food concentrates from brussels sprouts, kale, alfalfa, buckwheat and barley grass to: support detoxification in the liver and combat free radical damage. Provide a good source of phytonutrients, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Your health care professional with determine which products are right for you.

The cost of the supplements for this program is $146.00

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