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To Live Well Is To Eat Well


Nutritional therapy is an approach to nutrition from a holistic perspective. Changing the way we eat, what we eat, and knowing where our food comes from, can restore balance and enhance our ability to heal our own individual bodies.

There is a pressing need to scale back the processed foods and beverages from our lifestyles by replacing them with natural whole foods that are properly prepared and full of nutrients.

Tools used to implement your personal journey to a healthier you, may include but are not limited to: confidential client questionnaire, nutritional assessment, functional evaluation, daily food intake, lifestyle, applied kinesiology and supplementation.

Jackie has had a keen interest in nutrition for years. She is certified and licensed through the Nutritional Therapy Association, established in 1997, based in Olympia Washington. NTA's foundations include: digestion, fatty acid balance, blood sugar balance, mineral balance, hydration and properly prepared nutrient dense whole foods.

Jackie looks forward to guiding each client towards nourishing their bodies and choosing to live well.

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